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 List Quest (đọc kĩ trước khi hỏi)

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Age : 30
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: List Quest (đọc kĩ trước khi hỏi)   Fri May 28, 2010 9:31 am

Hệ thống thú cưng (Pet) toàn tập
Bulk Buyer Shop-
Hướng dẫn về cách treo shop tự động mua đồ

Thay đổi Skin trong RO
Bảng tra exp (irowiki)
Những Q EXP lặp lại nhiều lần


Abyss Lake Dungeouns
Acorn Exchange Quest
Airship Ticket Quest
Alberta Boy
Alchemist Item Gathering
Alfheim Perfume
Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest
Attitude to the New World
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest


Bakonawa Extermination
Banish Winter Quest
Battle Arena Entrance Quest
Biolabs Entrance Quest
Biological Weapon Quest
Bradium Collection
Brasilis Dungeouns Quest
Broken Diamond Quest
Bruspetti Quest


Can't Look Into His Eyes
Cautious Village
Cat Hand Services
Cat Gamers
Chesire's Call
Chesire's New Day
Chief's Quest
Collecting Draco Eggs
Compass Game (nhiệm vụ lặp lại)
Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc)
Cooking Quest
Clean the Ship
Clean the Ship (hằng ngày)
Crow of Destiny Quest
Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth Quest)(Prontera Curse Quest)
Cursed Spirit Quest


Dandelion's Request
Department Quests
Dewata Legend Quest
Document Quests
Doctor Quest
Dokebi Battle Quest
Doha's Secret Orders
Doomed Swords and Comodo Cheese Quest
Dropped Knife Quest


Eden Group
Einbroch Murder Quest
Endless Tower
Eye of Hellion Quest


Factory Quest
Finding The Moving Island Quest
Fill the Crack
Find the Research Tools
Finding a Fairy
Fish Cake Soup Quest
Footprint Quest
Frede's Request
Friendship Quest


Geffen Bard Quest
Gemstone Exchanging
Get Rid of the Jejeling
God Items Quest
God Items Quest 2
Ghost on the Ferry Ship
Guarana Quest
Guardian of Yggdrasil
Guild Relay Quest
Gunslinger Weapon Quests


Hair Styling/Dye Quests
Headgear Quests
Heart Fragment Quest
Help Baget Teablack
Help Chef Nyas
Helping Lope and Euridi
Help Mikhail Quest
Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest
Help Out the Old Man
Help the bad cats in danger
Help the bad cats in danger (quest lặp lại)
Hide n' Seek Quest
Hidden Temple / Labyrinth Forest (maze)
How the Airship Works Quest
Hugel Cow Milking
Hugel Memory Quest


Ice Necklace Quest


Jejeling and Jejellopy
Juice Quest
Juno Remedy Quest
Juperos Quest
Juperos Ruins History Quest


Kiel Hyre Quest
Koschei the Immortal
Knights of the Neighborhood


Laphine Craftsman
Level 4 Weapons (Type 1)
Level 4 Weapons (Type 2)
Lost Child Quest
Lost Puppies Quest
Lovers Quest


Malangdo Culvert
Malangdo Island
Manuk's Monster Suppression
Marie's Child
Meat Exchange
Medicine Quest
Message Delivery Quest
Mora Daily Quests
Midgard Ore
Mixture and Counteragent Quest
Muff's Loan Quest


Nameless Island Entrance Quest
New Surroundings
Nidhoggur's Nest
Noisy Machine (nhiệm vụ lặp lại)
Nurse in Port Malaya


Octopus Cave
OBB Quest
Odin's Temple Excavation Quest
Onward to the New World Quest
Orc Memory Dungeon
Ore Combining
Ore Downgrading


Party Relay Quest
Part Time Job
Peace for Arunafeltz Quest
Piano Keys Quest
Pickpocket Quest
Pintados Festival
Poison King Quest
Play with Baby Cats
President Quest
Prontera Culverts Entrance Quest
Purified Bones
Pursuing Rayan Moore



Rachel Sanctuary Quest
Rebellion Quest
Rebirth Walkthrough (Q reborn)
Report from the New World
Rin's Request
Ring of the Wise King
Rogue Guild Investigation Quest
Rumor, Time and Legend


Sapha's Visit
Sashimi Knife Quest
Sealed Shrine Quest
Secret in the Woods
Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)
Shout Mountain Quest
Shiny Blade
Sign Quest
Snowysnow Quest
Spy Quest
Strange Hydra Quest
Stop Metto's Research
Successor to the Throne Quest


Thanatos Tower Quest
The Legend of Victoria Regia Quest
The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron
The Song of Iara
Theore's Request
Thor Volcano Base Quest
Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest
Tom Yung Goong Quest
Traditional Spiritual Protection & Impudent Girl
Traditional Weapon Quest
Tribe Investigation
Tripatriate Union's Feud
Turtle Island Entrance Quest
Turtle Island Treasure Quest
Two Tribes


Unlucky Emerald Quest
Umbala Language Quest


Veins Siblings Quest


Wandering Guardian Quest
WoE 2 Guild Dungeon Event


Yggdrasil Berry Gathering


Z-Gang Quest

Một số Quest có thưởng equip (xem trong list trên để lấy link)

- Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc) --  thưởng 1 trong 3 loại Accessory)
- Dewata Legend Quest -- thưởng Jaty Crown
- Doha's Secret Orders - thưởng Dragon Manteau [1], Bradium Brooch [1]
- Doomed Swords and Comodo Cheese Quest - làm 3 loại kiếm Mysteltainn, Grimtooth , Executioner
- Eden Group -- thưởng SET Paradise Team
- Endless Tower -- làm xong có thể làm Violet Fear
- Frede's Request -- thưởng Bradium Earring [1]
- Level 4 Weapon (type 1 và 2) - tất nhiên là làm mí cái vũ khí lv4!
- Guild Relay Quest - Angel Wing Ears (hên xui)
- God Items Quest - seal1 thưởng random equip bất kì - seal4 thưởng vũ khí lv4
- Ring of the Wise King - thưởng Wise Ancient King
- Sashimi Knife Quest (thưởng con dao Sashimi)
- Sapha's Visit - thưởng Light of El Dicastes - đây là 1 Accessory
- Sign Quest - thưởng The Sign (Accessory +5% ATK, +5% MATK)
- Traditional Weapon Quest - thưởng Keris [1]
- The Legend of Victoria Regia Quest - thưởng mũ Lotus Flower Hat[1] add sẵn 1 trong 3 card sau: Leaf Cat, Dryad, Leib Olmai
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List Quest (đọc kĩ trước khi hỏi)
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